Where is Smoking Allowed at the Calgary Airport Departures?

Discover where Smoking Allowed at the Calgary Airport departures. Get the lowdown on designated smoking areas and tips for a stress-free travel experience.


Traveling can be a thrilling adventure, but for smokers, finding a place to light up at the Calgary Airport departures can be a bit of a challenge. If you’re wondering, “Where is smoking allowed at the Calgary Airport YYC departures?” you’re in the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the ins and outs of smoking zones, ensuring your journey is as smooth as possible.

Smoking Allowed at the Calgary Airport
Smoking Allowed at the Calgary Airport

Understanding Smoking Regulations

Before we dive into the specifics of where you can smoke at Calgary Airport Departures, it’s crucial to understand the smoking regulations in place. Smoking regulations at airports are designed to create a safe and comfortable environment for all travelers. Calgary Airport is no exception.

No Smoking Indoors

Calgary Airport, like most airports worldwide, strictly prohibits smoking indoors. Smoking inside the airport terminals, including the Departures area, is not allowed. Smoking indoors can not only pose health risks to others but also violate airport policies. Violators may face fines and other consequences.

Designated Smoking Areas

Calgary Airport understands the needs of smokers and provides designated smoking areas to accommodate their requirements. Here are the designated smoking areas within the Calgary Airport Departures section:

The Smoking Zones

Smoking Zone 1: Pre-Security Areas

  • Smoking Allowed in Designated Areas: Yes
  • Smoking Zones Location: Pre-security areas in the main terminal
  • Amenities: Comfortable seating, disposal bins, and shelter from the elements

Calgary Airport recognizes that some travelers might need a last-minute puff before heading through security. In the main terminal, there are designated smoking areas equipped with comfortable seating and disposal bins. These areas offer a convenient solution for smokers, allowing you to indulge without worry.

Smoking Zone 2: Post-Security Areas

  • Smoking Allowed in Designated Areas: Yes
  • Smoking Zones Location: Post-security areas, near some departure gates
  • Amenities: Seating, disposal bins, and ventilation

Once you’ve cleared security and are waiting for your flight, you can still find designated smoking zones. These areas, located near select departure gates, provide seating, disposal bins, and improved ventilation. So, you can enjoy a smoke while remaining close to your gate.

Smoking Zone 3: International Departures

  • Smoking Allowed in Designated Areas: Yes
  • Smoking Zones Location: In both domestic and international departures areas
  • Amenities: Comfortable seating, disposal bins, and ventilation

Whether you’re embarking on a domestic or international journey, Calgary Airport has you covered. Smoking zones can be found in both areas, ensuring you can enjoy a cigarette or vape regardless of your destination. These zones offer comfortable seating, disposal bins, and proper ventilation.

Smoking Zone 4: The Outdoor Patio

  • Smoking Allowed in Designated Areas: Yes
  • Smoking Zones Location: An outdoor patio in the departures area
  • Amenities: Open-air experience, seating, and disposal bins

For those who prefer to smoke in the open air, Calgary Airport features an outdoor smoking patio in the departure area. This option allows you to enjoy your smoke in a more natural environment while still being within the airport premises. The patio offers seating and disposal bins for your convenience.

The Smoking Experience

Calgary Airport has taken steps to ensure that the designated smoking areas are comfortable for travelers. These areas are equipped with proper ventilation to minimize the impact of secondhand smoke on non-smoking passengers.

Ventilation and Comfort

The smoking areas are well-ventilated to provide a comfortable experience for smokers. Ventilation systems help remove smoke efficiently, ensuring that the air remains fresh and clean for all passengers. Comfortable seating, ashtrays, and designated smoking zones are also available within these areas.

Smoking Allowed at the Calgary Airport
Smoking Allowed at the Calgary Airport

FAQs about Smoking Allowed at the Calgary Airport

Can I smoke in the airport terminals freely?

No, smoking is only allowed in designated areas within the airport terminals. Please look for the designated smoking zones mentioned earlier.

Is vaping allowed in the smoking zones?

Yes, vaping is permitted in the designated smoking zones, as long as you follow the airport’s regulations and guidelines.

Are there penalties for smoking outside the designated areas?

Yes, smoking outside the designated areas can result in fines. It’s essential to respect the rules and smoke only in the designated zones.

Can I buy cigarettes at the airport?

Yes, you can purchase cigarettes at the duty-free shops within the Calgary Airport.

Are there any smoking zones in the international departures area?

Yes, there are smoking zones available both in domestic and international departure areas. Just follow the signs to find them.

Can I bring my own smoking materials?

Yes, you can bring your own smoking materials, but please be mindful of the airport’s rules and regulations.


In conclusion, the Calgary Airport departures have thoughtfully provided designated smoking zones for travelers. Whether you’re a smoker or traveling with one, these areas ensure a comfortable and hassle-free experience. Remember to follow the rules, keep the airport clean, and enjoy your journey.

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