Your Ultimate Handbook to Cycling through Calgary Airport’s Bike Services

Embarking on a journey to Calgary Airport’s Bike Services and pondering the most efficient means of exploration? Look no further! This extensive manual will equip you with all the insights you require about Calgary Airport’s bike services. From routes to benefits, and even the perfect spots to acquire your pass, we’ve got your back. So, let’s gear up and delve right into the world of Calgary’s cycling haven!

Calgary Airport Bike Services: A Pedal-Powered Paradise

Calgary Airport Bike Services is an initiative that grants travelers a convenient and cost-effective cycling experience to and from the airport. It’s the perfect remedy for dodging traffic hassles and parking predicaments, offering a variety of routes tailored to diverse travel preferences.

Locating the Bike Services Hub

For those itching to get their two-wheeled adventure underway, Calgary Airport Bike Services operates from multiple points at the airport. If you find yourself at the Domestic Terminal, steer towards bike bays 7 and 8. Meanwhile, the International Terminal harbors the bike bay at the iconic number 32.

Calgary Airport's Bike Services
Calgary Airport’s Bike Services

Navigating the Cycling Routes

Route 300 A favorite pick among explorers, Route 300 paves the way to Calgary’s downtown through the enchanting Centre Street. This direct route ensures a swift and hassle-free journey to the city’s heart.

Route 100

Yearning to reach the McKnight-Westwinds LRT Station? Look no further than Route 100. This path is a dynamic option as it makes pit stops at airport terminals, catering to an array of travel requirements.

Route 32

Route 32 sets its sights on YYC’s Global Logistics Park-South. However, remember that this route doesn’t make a pit stop at the Terminal building. It instead halts to the south on the western side of the airport vicinity.

Route 57

Steering its course from McCall Way to 78 Avenue N.E., Route 57 serves as the connection. Like Route 32, this pathway skirts around the terminal building.

Unraveling the Tariff Secrets

The price of Pedaling through Calgary Airport

Budgetary considerations vary based on your chosen route. For embarking on Route 300, your ticket tally will stand at $10.75. Conversely, the remaining routes come at a pocket-friendly price of $3.40.

Procuring Your Passage

The avenue to obtaining your pass couldn’t be more straightforward. Right within YYC Airport, you can promptly purchase your cycling ticket. This eliminates any delay and grants you immediate access to your biking voyage.

Advantages of Calgary Airport Bike Services

Seamless Convenience

With the cycling service operating directly from the airport premises, convenience reigns supreme. Whether arriving or departing from Calgary, the airport’s bike service is readily accessible, making your journey smoother.

Economical Expedition

When weighed against alternatives such as taxis or car rentals, Calgary Airport Bike Services emerges as the thrifty victor. With fares as low as $3.40, it’s an economically savvy approach to navigating the city.

Diverse Routes to Match Your Desires

From downtown escapades to journeys leading to Global Logistics Park-South, Calgary Airport Bike Services boasts an array of routes, ensuring your travel needs are met head-on.

Calgary Airport's Bike Services
Calgary Airport’s Bike Services

FAQ’s Calgary Airport’s Bike Services

What exactly are Calgary Airport Bike Services?

Calgary Airport Bike Services is a cycling initiative offering transportation to and from the airport. It encompasses various routes to suit a spectrum of travel preferences.

Where can I spot Calgary Airport Bike Services at the airport?

For those at the Domestic Terminal, bike bays 7 and 8 are your waypoints. As for the International Terminal, you’ll spot the bike bay at number 32.

How much does it cost to embark on Calgary Airport Bike Services?

If your journey is set on Route 300, your fare will sum up to $10.75. Meanwhile, the alternative routes present a wallet-friendly fare of $3.40.

Where can I acquire my Calgary Airport Bike Services pass?

Within the premises of YYC Airport, your pass awaits its eager owner.

Calgary Airport's Bike Services
Calgary Airport’s Bike Services


Calgary Airport Bike Services stands as the embodiment of reliable and convenient travel, catering to all those navigating to or from Calgary. With a plethora of routes and prices that won’t pinch your pocket, embracing the biking experience is an excellent decision. So, as you chart your course to Calgary, ponder embracing the Calgary Airport Bike Services – a decision you’re bound to relish!

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