How to Get to Kananaskis from Calgary: A Scenic Adventure

Discover the most picturesque routes and transportation options for a seamless journey on How to Get to Kananaskis from Calgary. Plan your adventure effectively to explore this stunning destination hassle-free.


Embarking on a journey from Calgary to Kananaskis promises a spectacular experience, immersing you in nature’s grandeur. Whether seeking tranquility, outdoor adventures, or breathtaking landscapes, Kananaskis has it all. This comprehensive guide outlines various routes, transportation modes, and essential tips to ensure a smooth, enjoyable trip.

How to Get to Kananaskis from Calgary
How to Get to Kananaskis from Calgary

Planning the Route: From Calgary to Kananaskis

Exploring the Best Routes

Trans-Canada Highway: This iconic highway offers stunning views of the Canadian Rockies and is the primary route to reach Kananaskis. The journey along this highway is an adventure in itself, promising awe-inspiring landscapes.

Highway 40 (Kananaskis Trail): Known for its scenic beauty, this route is a treat for nature enthusiasts, winding through breathtaking mountainous terrain.

Optimal Travel Times

Considering the changing weather in the region, it’s essential to plan your trip wisely. While the routes are open throughout the year, late spring to early fall is ideal for a smoother and more comfortable travel experience.

Transportation Options

Driving Your Own Vehicle: Renting a car or driving your own provides flexibility and convenience, allowing spontaneous stops to capture the mesmerizing landscapes en route to Kananaskis.

Public Transit Services: Calgary Transit and shuttle services offer economical options, ensuring a hassle-free journey. However, schedules might be limited, requiring advance planning.

Points of Interest Along the Journey

The journey to Kananaskis isn’t just about the destination; it’s about the remarkable sights along the way. From expansive views of the Rocky Mountains to lush valleys and wildlife sightings, every moment is picturesque.

Exploring Kananaskis Country

Diverse Accommodation Options

From cozy lodges to luxurious resorts and wilderness campgrounds, Kananaskis provides a spectrum of lodging choices. Whether you seek comfort or a rugged outdoor experience, there’s something for everyone.

Recreational Activities

Hiking Trails: Explore an array of trails catering to various skill levels, leading to stunning vistas, serene lakes, and cascading waterfalls.

Biking Adventures: The region offers dedicated bike paths and thrilling mountain biking trails amidst the captivating wilderness.

Wildlife Encounters: Be prepared for potential wildlife sightings. Keep a respectful distance and adhere to safety guidelines while observing these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.

Cultural and Historical Stops

En route to Kananaskis, several historical and cultural landmarks are worth exploring. Elbow Falls, Barrier Lake, and the Nakiska Ski Resort are just a few stops brimming with unique sights and activities.

Enchanting Seasons in Kananaskis

Spring Splendor

As nature awakens, spring blankets Kananaskis in a vibrant display of blossoming flowers and thawing landscapes. The crisp air and budding greenery create an invigorating atmosphere.

Summer Adventures

Summer brings forth an abundance of outdoor activities. The longer days offer ample time for exploring trails, enjoying water-based adventures, and partaking in seasonal events and festivals.

Fall Foliage

Witness a breathtaking transformation as the foliage changes colors. The mountains adorned in gold and amber hues offer a spectacular backdrop, making fall a photographer’s delight.

Winter Wonderland

Kananaskis in winter captivates with its snowy landscapes. Engage in snowshoeing, skiing, and other winter sports, reveling in the serene beauty of the snow-covered scenery.

How to Get to Kananaskis from Calgary
How to Get to Kananaskis from Calgary

FAQs about How to Get to Kananaskis from Calgary

What are the transportation options available from Calgary to Kananaskis?

There are a few ways to reach Kananaskis from Calgary. You can drive, which takes about an hour, offering scenic views along the Trans-Canada Highway. Alternatively, public transportation services like shuttles or buses operate in this area.

Can I take a bus from Calgary to Kananaskis?

While there isn’t a direct bus service specifically to Kananaskis, there are shuttle services or regional buses that stop at certain points within Kananaskis Country. These may require transfers or further transportation to reach specific destinations within the area.

Are there organized tours from Calgary to Kananaskis?

Yes, various tour companies offer guided trips from Calgary to Kananaskis. These tours often include transportation, guided hikes, and activities, providing a convenient way to explore the region.

Is renting a car the most convenient option to travel from Calgary to Kananaskis?

Renting a car can be one of the most flexible and convenient ways to travel to Kananaskis. It allows you to explore the region at your own pace and visit multiple points of interest without being bound by public transport schedules.

How long does it take to drive from Calgary to Kananaskis?

The drive from Calgary to Kananaskis typically takes around an hour, depending on the specific destination within Kananaskis and traffic conditions. The Trans-Canada Highway offers a smooth and picturesque route.

Are there any considerations for weather or road conditions when traveling to Kananaskis from Calgary?

Weather in the mountains can be unpredictable. During winter, especially, road conditions might require extra caution. It’s advisable to check weather forecasts and road conditions before the journey and equip the vehicle with appropriate tires or chains, if necessary.


Getting from Calgary to Kananaskis offers a variety of transportation options. Whether you prefer the freedom of driving, the convenience of organized tours, or utilizing available shuttle services, each option has its own advantages. The stunning journey along the Trans-Canada Highway adds to the excitement, showcasing the beautiful landscapes that transition from urban to mountainous terrain. Considering factors like personal preference, time, and flexibility can help in choosing the best mode of transport for an enjoyable trip to Kananaskis from Calgary.

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