How many airports in Calgary: Ultimate Guide

Exploring the aviation scene in Calgary, discover How many airports in Calgary. Find insights, FAQs, and expert information on Calgary’s airports in this detailed guide.


Welcome to the comprehensive guide shedding light on the aviation hubs in Calgary. If you’ve ever wondered about the multitude of airports in this bustling city, you’ve landed at the right place. Calgary’s aerial infrastructure boasts various airport facilities, each playing a pivotal role in connecting the city with the rest of the world. Let’s embark on this informative journey, exploring the extensive airport landscape Calgary has to offer.

How many airports in Calgary
How many airports in Calgary

Understanding Calgary’s Aviation Scene

Calgary, a vibrant city in Alberta, Canada, boasts a significant aviation infrastructure to facilitate air travel for both domestic and international passengers. The city is served by a network of several airports, each serving specific purposes and catering to diverse travel needs.

Calgary International Airport

Calgary International Airport (YYC) stands as the primary and most renowned airport in the city. Handling a substantial volume of both domestic and international flights, YYC serves as a crucial travel hub connecting Calgary with global destinations. Its state-of-the-art facilities, including multiple runways, terminals, and various amenities, ensure a seamless travel experience for millions of passengers annually.

Springbank Airport

Situated on the western outskirts of Calgary, Springbank Airport (YBW) serves as a significant general aviation facility. It supports private, recreational, and training flights, contributing to Calgary’s aviation infrastructure by handling a diverse range of air traffic.

Calgary/Hartell Airport

Calgary/Hartell Airport (CEF4), a smaller airport, caters primarily to recreational and private aviation activities. With its more intimate and community-oriented approach, it offers a distinct experience to flyers seeking a different atmosphere compared to larger, busier airports.


Calgary International Airport (YYC) is strategically positioned approximately 17 kilometers northeast of downtown Calgary. This favorable location makes it easily accessible to both local residents and travelers exploring the dynamic city of Alberta, Canada. It serves as a convenient gateway for individuals embarking on their travel adventures.

Terminal Facilities

Embracing a total of four distinct terminals—Terminals A, B, C, and the International Terminal—Calgary International Airport ensures a seamless travel experience for its diverse range of passengers. Each terminal stands as a unique microcosm offering an extensive variety of services and facilities, ensuring that every traveler’s preferences and needs are met with utmost efficiency and satisfaction.

Navigating Calgary’s Airports: A Traveler’s Perspective

For travelers visiting or departing from Calgary, understanding the city’s airport landscape is crucial for a smooth travel experience. Each airport offers its unique advantages and serves different purposes. Exploring these facilities can help travelers make informed decisions based on their specific travel needs.

Services and Amenities

Calgary International Airport boasts an extensive array of services and amenities, presenting a multitude of options for the discerning traveler. From an impressive assortment of dining options that cater to various palates to a myriad of shopping experiences that range from luxury brands to local treasures, alongside serene and comfortable lounges and convenient car rental services, YYC strives to cater to every aspect of the passenger journey, ensuring a truly comprehensive and enjoyable airport experience.

Airlines and Destinations

YYC stands as a crucial connecting point, serving as a vital link to a multitude of destinations across the globe. With a robust roster of domestic and international airlines, passengers have access to a vast array of destinations spanning Canada, the United States, Europe, and various other parts of the world. This extensive connectivity opens a gateway to a diverse tapestry of travel possibilities and experiences.

Passenger Traffic

The airport’s significance is underscored by its position as one of the busiest in Canada. With millions of passengers passing through its gates annually, Calgary International Airport remains a vibrant and dynamic hub, embodying its pivotal role in connecting people to their destinations, near and far. The constant flow of travelers signifies its importance as a bustling junction of journeys and experiences.

Expansion and Development

YYC is committed to progressive development and expansion, dedicated to continually improving and modernizing its facilities to cater to the ever-growing demands of air travel. These ongoing efforts are a testament to the airport’s dedication to offering top-tier infrastructure, enhancing amenities, and ensuring a smooth and comfortable travel experience for all passengers.

Calgary International Airport (YYC) epitomizes convenience, diversity, and efficiency, serving as a gateway that seamlessly connects people to an array of destinations.

How many airports in Calgary
How many airports in Calgary

FAQs about How many airports in Calgary

How far is Calgary International Airport from downtown Calgary?

Calgary International Airport is located approximately 17 kilometers northeast of downtown Calgary, offering easy access to both travelers and local residents.

How many terminals does Calgary International Airport have?

The airport features four terminals: Terminals A, B, C, and the International Terminal, each offering a unique set of services to meet the varied needs of passengers.

What services and amenities are available at YYC?

YYC offers a wide spectrum of services, including dining, shopping, lounges, and car rental services, providing a delightful and well-rounded travel experience.

Which destinations can you reach from Calgary International Airport?

Passengers can travel to various destinations across Canada, the United States, Europe, and other parts of the world via YYC, connecting through multiple domestic and international flights.

How busy is Calgary International Airport in terms of passenger traffic?

The airport ranks among the busiest in Canada, accommodating millions of passengers annually, highlighting its significance as a key transit hub.

What efforts are put into expansion and development at YYC?

Continuous initiatives focus on expanding and modernizing facilities to meet the increasing demands of air travel, ensuring a superior travel experience for passengers.


Calgary International Airport (YYC) remains a paramount hub in Canada, excelling in connecting people, cultures, and destinations. Its dedication to the continual enhancement and exceptional service solidifies its stature as a premier airport in the country.

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